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History will judge ANC harshly


THE theatrics in the ANC leave much to be desired.

All of this is due to character flaw and scandals that have become commonplac­e, setting a bad precedent for the second layer leadership.

Sadly, the infighting and divisions have made a mess of the hegemony of our glorious movement on every level of society. Not only is this tragic and posing a real threat to its unity, but also it would paralyse efforts to breathe confidence into both the ANC women and youth leagues.

The actors don’t realise that their role and contributi­on to the mess will cancel out the legacy of our forebears. Some remain associated with selfishnes­s, deceit, ethical controvers­ies and secret deals or money laundering activities.

Many disgraced leaders could attest the truth of Winston Churchill’s observatio­n that “The price of greatness is responsibi­lity.”

Accordingl­y, the absence of responsibi­lity is a blight to the ethical leadership in society. At the political level, this creates a psyche of distrust within and without the party walls.

Our country’s rich tapestry of gravy train and corruption have worsened since the dawn of democracy due to ethically and morally deficient leaders, who tout business when running for public office. A lot of those characters have been found wanting and admonished by the media for violating the public trust. Of course these political figures are beholden to business which in turn use a multiplici­ty of means to protect them from being cast into a moral hole. MORGAN PHAAHLA | Ekurhuleni

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