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THE multiaward-winning Afro Dancehall and reggae star Stonebwoy has teamed up with activist rapper Vic Mensa on a new anthemic song titled Blessing.

The song speaks to manifestin­g blessings in one’s life, something Stonebwoy knows all too well.

“Our thoughts manifest into our reality and often we sit and expect to be blessed without any carnal input. This song speaks about the things I’ll do this year which are very relatable to everyone. I hope the song motivates those aspiring to achieve these blessings,” he said.

Describing his collaborat­ion with rapper Vic Mensa as a “beautiful masterpiec­e”, Stonebwoy said it was like speaking into existence and working towards your blessings. “That’s the inspiratio­n behind it. The best advice I ever got was to never give up in life.”

Stonebwoy, whose real name is Livingston­e Etse Satekla, has been singing since he was a youngster. The Ghanaian is a man of many talents and music is but one of them.

“I grew up singing in school, church and among friends. My musical talent was inspired by highlife, reggae and dancehall. So I draw a lot from music across genres as well which is why I am the Afro dancehall king.”

Stonebwoy’s music is based on afrobeats and dancehall, making it a unique mix of African sound.

“Interestin­gly, afrobeats of today on its own are complex with a lot of styles from all over tracing back to the truth that the African sound is the mother of all sounds. I add up the Jamaican influence of dancehall and reggae which also interestin­gly finds its roots from Africa. I find my fluidity in the style that I’ve carved – Afro dancehall/reggae. Some people will say AfroPop, dancehall and reggae music is my style. I’m also lyrically vested with consciousn­ess in my compositio­ns.”

His creative music process takes place any time he is inspired.

“It doesn’t take too much once the timing meets the feeling. I consider myself as an artiste with a 12-cylinder processor. Therefore the creative process can be very lit and spiritual,” he said.

The stage name of Stonebwoy comes from his first name Livingston­e and the slang word Rudebwoy which is used in the dancehall reggae scene.

The 33-year-old is celebratin­g Africa month by being loud and proud of his blackness.

His current album Anloga Junction,

is still making waves and thanks to the internet it has reached places Stonebwoy has yet to travel to.

“The world has become a little globe. The internet has connected us faster but distanced us from some true values and morals but has helped our music and creative materials to spread wider and faster.”

For now Stonebwoy is continuing to raise the bar with his music and spread his sound one collaborat­ion at a time.

Blessing is available on streaming


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 ??  ?? STONEBWOY blends unique African sounds to make his music stand out.
STONEBWOY blends unique African sounds to make his music stand out.

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