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Corruption within ANC could destroy party


THE internal squabbles and bickering within the ANC leadership should be a worrying concern to all citizens.

The events leading to the much-anticipate­d ANC National Executive Committee meeting last weekend doesn’t give confidence to the people, investors and the rating agencies that always hover around our heads given the calamity of our economic outlook.

The suspension of secretary-general Ace Magashule and the subsequent counter suspension of President Cyril Ramaphosa by Magashule will go down in history as one of the most unfortunat­e events in our movement’s 109 years of existence.

Over time the ANC has been lenient in dealing with corruption in its ranks. The appearance by Ramaphosa at the Zondo State Capture Commission bears testimony that the movement has been complicit in wrongdoing and corruption. This is coupled by the revelation­s at the commission on how state organs such as the NPA, SSA, SAPS Crime Intelligen­ce and other law enforcemen­t agencies have been pummelled in order for those who are rogue to plunder and loot the state resources for their own selfish ends.

The ANC has a responsibi­lity and moral obligation to deal with corruption in its ranks without fear or favour regardless of how senior that individual is. It’s very concerning that the defenders of corruption and looting will hold the country to ransom to the extent that the ANC gets occupied in discussing individual­s instead of the serious issues that affect the country.

The ANC owes it to the more that 9 million citizens who voted the party into power during the last provincial and national elections of 2019. The sideshow by the more than the 100-member ANC NEC is just a distractio­n from the real issues that bedevil the country. These, among others, include the economy that is pedestrian, the energy crisis, our slow vaccinatio­n roll-out programme, the dilapidate­d rail infrastruc­ture which has literally halted the rail service on major rail corridors, the crises in municipali­ties, water supplies and many other issues that affect our communitie­s.

The ANC NEC should be spending more time dealing with these issues that affect our communitie­s and emerge with workable solutions that are coupled by realisable time frames on how we resolve these problems.

South Africa deserves better from the governing party. In our quest to dealing with corruption in our ranks let’s make sure that fundamenta­l are not relegated to the backburner but are given the attention and prominence they deserve in order to give meaning to our slogan of the better life for all.

Failure by the ANC to deal with corrupt elements within its ranks will signal the beginning of the end of this glorious movement of our people.

 ?? CHRISTOPHE ENA AP African News Agency (ANA) ?? HOSTS of morning radio shows deserve our thanks, says the writer. |
CHRISTOPHE ENA AP African News Agency (ANA) HOSTS of morning radio shows deserve our thanks, says the writer. |

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