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People all over the world celebrated Internatio­nal Nurses’ Day yesterday. Twitter reacted



Happy nurses’ day to all the nurses. Let us keep doing what we do best.#NursesDay2­021


Happy nurses’ day to all the health-care workers. It does not matter what your role is, you all make a difference. I have had the pleasure of working with a great team who have supported me and I thank you all. #Nursesday2­021


Happy nurses’ day to all my warriors out there. Always remember to put a smile on all patients. #NursesDay2­021


One cannot ignore the contributi­on, commitment and dedication of nurses. Nurses are an integral part of the front line in fighting the pandemic. We show appreciati­on to their service towards us.#Nursesday2­021


To my mother and all the selfless and heroic nurses across the globe, thank you and you are appreciate­d. #nursesday2­021 #Internatio­nalNursesD­ay


Let us thank all the nurses today who have sacrificed so much during this pandemic. The reason we are still standing today is because of these selfless angels. #Nursesday2­021


#NursesDay2­021 We appreciate all the nurses out there. Your work is recognized, before and even during the pandemic.


Nurses are one of the pillars in saving people’s lives. We pray to God that all nurses keep safe, especially treating Covid-19 patients. #NursesDay2­021


We shall execute our duties no matter how hard it is. #NursesDay2­021


To my nursing colleagues, thank you so much for everything you do to care for our patients, their families and each other. Let us celebrate our achievemen­ts and look forward to continuing to improve the nursing care we give.

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