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Power back in Mayfair West


CASSIM AMOD WRITES: I am writing in the hope that you can assist us with a power problem that has plagued us since April 8.

We are a group of houses from number 50 to 70 Bellona Road in Mayfair West. Since April 8, our power trips from around 4.30pm till about 8pm. We have logged countless calls, contacted our local councillor, yet the issue remains unresolved.

City Power has assured us that there are no illegal connection­s in the area. Various technician­s have indicated that it could be a fault on the distributo­r box serving our homes – the reasons vary.

On Friday last week, a team of technician­s stated that it was a faulty breaker that needed to be replaced. They assured us that the part would be replaced by May 3. When one of the residents contacted them, they informed him that the part was unavailabl­e and they were not sure when it would be replaced. People have had appliances damaged.

Please can you assist us in escalating this matter.

AMOD WRITES AGAIN: Thanks for escalating. The breaker was replaced on May 6 and all seems to be in order.

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