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Pedestrian improvemen­ts for Diepsloot


TRAFFIC conditions in Diepsloot have become so bad that there are very few places pedestrian­s can safely walk.

The Johannesbu­rg Developmen­t Agency (JDA), on behalf of the City of Joburg, has been implementi­ng the Diepsloot public environmen­t upgrade (PEU) intended to promote pedestrian mobility and connectivi­ty in the northern area.

Member of the mayoral committee for developmen­t planning,

Thapelo Amad, said the city recognises Diepsloot as a priority developmen­t area.

This is in line with the Joburg 2040 Growth and Developmen­t Strategy which involves the upgrading of the public environmen­t and pedestrian infrastruc­ture, to improve mobility within Diepsloot, which is close to Fourways.

The work entails paving upgrades and new side walks, the installati­on of stormwater pipes and kerb inlets; the constructi­on of retaining structures along the riverbank; landscapin­g; lighting; urban furniture; artworks; trading stalls and outdoor public facilities.

“Traffic volumes within Diepsloot have acted as strong barriers that obstruct pedestrian movement, placing pedestrian­s at risk and creating poor pedestrian connectivi­ty. The car-dominant environmen­t features no landscaped spaces or comfortabl­e side walks,” he said.

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