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Let God, not media, judge churches


IN the context of only negative stories about certain pastors and churches, it seems as if Christiani­ty was better off without journalism interferin­g.

Amid disclosure­s about the immorality of certain pastors and churches, including the conclusion that Christiani­ty is not good, more people are becoming detached from worship.

The main goal of stories about fake and immoral black-led pastors and churches is to justify immorality and put all those who think they are religious and their majority in their place.

If the media cared about protecting the public from immoral pastors, then it would report the good stories too and encourage prayer at schools and the emulation of Jesus.

But since this would affect their mission, which is to promote the human will as more just and fair than the will of God, it is a no-go area.

Not only does the government and the media prove that they do not fear God, they also commit serious misinterpr­etations of the Bible.

What use is it if media stories lead to more unbelief? If the media see no reason to publish good stories about emerging churches alongside bad ones, then it can focus on all the gossip, sexual and nudity stories that they can sell and leave churches to the judgement of God.

KHOTSO KD MOLEKO | Bloemfonte­in

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