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The resumption of Senzo Meyiwa’s trial after six months was trending on Twitter. This is how Twitter reacted.



It will never make sense that Longwe Thwala ran towards or attacked an intruder who had a gun. That will never make sense, and usually if it does not make sense, it is not true. @Bongani_MKJ

Mthoko said Tumelo was in the sitting room. If my memory still serves me well, Tumelo said he rushed to hide in the bedroom immediatel­y after the intruders entered the house.


Mthokozisi Thwala is dropping some hints. Longwe did not greet him when he came in. Soon after he came, Senzo wanted them to leave. Mthokozisi’s first thought was that the intruder was known to the family. Why would you think that when a person is carrying a gun?


Why would lawyers agree to continue with this judge when JSC has made it clear that he might be grossly incompeten­t? #senzomeyiw­atrial.


So Longwe ran out of the house pushing away an armed robber? And after a few minutes he came back to a house with 3 armed robbers? #SenzoMeyiw­atrial.


My question is when is Kelly Khumalo and her sister going to appear in court to tell us their version of what happened that fateful day. The Meyiwa family lost Senzo Meyiwa and South Africa lost Mzansi’s finest goalkeeper


Been trying to comprehend what exactly is the purpose of this long, boring story being told by this Thwala boy. #SenzoMeyiw­atrial.


If Mthoko’s memory is that good & he was loyal to his friend Senzo, I am waiting for the part where he describes Longwe’s anger upon arrival in that house. But most importantl­y, how he started beating Zandi in front of everyone to a point that Senzo intervened.


As long as Judge Maumela is on this case, there will never be justice for Senzo Meyiwa. He is biased, interferes with lawyers asking questions and witnesses. How can he be allowed to be the judge by the JSC. #SenzoMeyiw­atrial.


Senzo was a good person and people took advantage of that. The very same people he was loyal to are betraying him.

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