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Matthew Knowles ‘still in awe’ of daughter Beyoncé on eve of her Renaissanc­e World Tour


BEYONCé’S eagerly anticipate­d Renaissanc­e World Tour kicked off on Wednesday night in Stockholm, Sweden.

The multi-Grammy Award-winning R&B star performed a medley of hits, as well as songs from her new album, Renaissanc­e.

Beyoncé performed last night at Stockholm’s Friends Arena before embarking on a 19-gig trip of Europe, which will see her visiting Spain, Germany, the Netherland­s, France, Poland, and the UK.

As opening night loomed, Beyoncé topped the Twitter trends list.

Her father and former manager, Matthew Knowles, shared his excitement at the occasion, with a thread on the social media.

“Beyoncé kicks off The Renaissanc­e World Tour this week. Believe it or not, I’m often still in awe as I watch her continue to soar to heights that few in history have ever been able to.

“Many memories of her childhood flooded to me when I sat down recently with @Vishen of @Mindvalley as we discussed the importance of providing our children with the tools and positive thinking needed to succeed.

“I told Vishen the very thing I want to share with you as Beyoncé embarks on her historic tour this week: we never once during her childhood had to tell her to show up when it came to music.

“She was never distracted from her inner drive. She knew what she wanted and she went after it.”

“For me, the start of Beyoncé’s tour this week isn’t just an addition to an already historic year where she now holds the most Grammy award wins ever.

“It’s a symbol of human achievemen­t and possibilit­y. It’s a mark of what’s possible when a child is encouraged to chase after their dream.

“And, above all else, it hopefully serves as a beacon of light for young people and dreamers of all shapes and sizes to believe in themselves.”

Forbes said the tour could generate more than $2 billion (R37bn) in revenue from tickets over the course of its five-month run. Forbes said the tour had the potential to generate more revenue than all her previous concerts combined.

Contributo­r Peter Cohan shared in his report for Forbes: “If Beyoncé reaches the high end of my most optimistic estimate, Renaissanc­e will far surpass the gross revenues of all her previous concerts.”

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