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RE­SEARCH shows if you pay cash rather than us­ing a credit card you will likely spend less. The rea­son be­hind it is that you can ac­tu­ally see what you are spend­ing when you use cash. If you carry R100 notes, you are less likely to break it, which saves you mak­ing im­pulse buys. A study has also shown that when you list ev­ery­thing you need, you will save money, as you will only buy what you re­ally need.


WHEN­EVER you make a batch of your favourite meal, whether it’s soup or a casse­role or some­thing else, con­sider whether or not you could pre­pare a se­cond or third batch at the same time and freeze that ex­tra batch. If you can, and the ex­tra batch would re­heat eas­ily, then do so. This saves money in two ways.

One, it al­lows you to buy bulk in­gre­di­ents, so you might end up buy­ing a gi­ant can of beans or a full bag of pota­toes.

And, two, a frozen meal (one that you can thaw by putting it in the fridge a few days early) is easy to pre­pare as it just in­volves heat­ing it up in a pan or a mi­crowave-safe bowl. It’s so in­cred­i­bly easy to do and it makes for some in­cred­i­bly easy meals later on.

You can try do­ing this with soup meals that you can re­heat later.


THE fridge is bare. The shelves are empty. You need food. Time to hit the gro­cery store, right? If you sim­ply take the first step of look­ing around your home and think­ing about what you need and make a list, you’re go­ing to end up spend­ing a lot less time in the store and spend­ing a lot less money, too.

Why? You will have a list to fo­cus on in the store rather than drift­ing from aisle to aisle toss­ing things in your cart that you don’t need.

For bonus points, take a look at your store’s flyer while mak­ing this list for ideas on dis­counted stuff.

An­other tip, make a meal plan for sev­eral days and make sure you have the in­gre­di­ents you need to en­sure you can eas­ily eat at home.


IF YOU have a reg­u­lar com­mute with reg­u­lar hours and you know any­one in your neigh­bour­hood who has the same com­mute with sim­i­lar hours, talk to them about a lift club. Even if it’s an ir­reg­u­lar one it might work.

Ask this per­son about their com­mute and sug­gest shar­ing a ride on days when your sched­ules are sim­i­lar.

Maybe it works out ev­ery day, or ev­ery day but Fri­days.

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