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My Joburg with... Tammany Barton

Having just concluded the run of ‘Cupcakes and Commiserat­ions’, actress Tammany Barton finds time to drop by her favourite city haunts


Best place for a first date in the city? A horseback game drive in Magaliesbe­rg at sunset. I am an outdoor, nature-loving girl.

What is the first thing you do when you arrive back in Joburg from out of town? I go straight home and unpack. And I apologise to my fat cat, Kittynums, for being away. Then I go for a run or walk in the park.

Best meal you have had in Joburg that is not at home? Café Del Sol in Bryanston. Love their lamb and beetroot tagliatell­e. I hardly eat pasta, but often I dream about that dish.

What local TV show are you loving right now? Girls from St Agnes. Love this series. Brilliant piece of South African work.

What is the last South African movie you watched? Impunity. A bit of a dark and twisty thriller. Right up my alley.

And the last stage play? Tracey Going’s Brutal Legacy. What a powerful piece of theatre, written by one of my good friends, Natasha Sutherland. I am in awe of her work.

If you were mayor for the day, what would you do? Ask everyone in Johannesbu­rg to fearlessly spend the day doing what they truly are passionate about and love. If that means stop working, then stop. Experience one day in your life where you do what sets your heart on fire. It will be a deeply joyous day and I guarantee the city will be a better place for it. Love will be at the centre.

Your favourite hangout spot in the city? Emmerentia Park with wine, a picnic basket filled with olives, cheeses, cured hams, salami, pickles, crackers, and friends and music. Live music is even better. I have a talented better half who is magic on the guitar.

Who do you call when you want to have fun, and where in the city do you go? The yin to my yang, Gabriella. We have the best nights out. Especially after a pole-dancing class. We love to frequent bars where we can chat, but also do a little dancing on the side. Linden has some lovely lively bars.

Your favourite coffee shop? The French Patisserie in Blairgowri­e. I love the staff and the cheese.

Favourite place to shop in Joburg? Sandton City. Tammany Barton 34

When I am not acting, I run an NPO (Doodle Your Future for orphaned and vulnerable children). You can check us out at: www.doodleyour­ I am also constantly auditionin­g for acting roles. My latest work is as Dr Allerton on and I’m in a few TV commercial­s.

in Johannesbu­rg for the past 9 years.

Which is your favourite market in Joburg? Bryanston Organic Market.

Which building would you like to be locked in overnight and why? I’m a nerd when it comes to books. Lock me in an Exclusive Books and I will be dreaming all night long.

What is the one thing people need to stop doing in the city? Littering. It bugs me so much to watch people throw litter out of their car windows, or right in front of me on the streets, especially when there is a bin only a few metres away.

Where is the best view of Joburg? Four Seasons Hotel, The Westcliff.

What is the one thing that differenti­ates Joburg from other cities in SA? The drivers. I love Johannesbu­rg drivers. I am from PE, but I have been living here long enough to appreciate our great driving, and the awareness of other drivers.

Where would you suggest first-time visitors go to get the best experience of the city? Mountain Sanctuary Park, Magaliesbe­rg. That is if you love nature and wild life. It has the most beautiful rock pools and hiking trails. Or go for a paddle at Emmarentia Dam and be surrounded by nature, followed by a cocktail in Parkhurst at Rockets.

How do you spend your Sunday? Sunday roasts with family.

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