Gu­las ebike uses fly­wheel to drive mo­tor

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GU­LAS, a start-up Ger­man com­pany in Ber­lin, has re­leased two mod­els of the Gu­las elec­tric bike, which is li­censed as a light mo­tor­cy­cle in Ger­many due to its power and a top speed of over 100 km/h.

The com­pany says the bike pro­vides the best as­pects of bi­cy­cles and mo­tor­bikes.

It has a bi­cy­cle’s pedal, seat po­si­tion and in­ter­face, which of­fers ex­er­cise as well as zero emis­sions and no noise.

But riders on steep hills also get a mo­tor­bike’s power, sus­pen­sion, speed and brakes, for when the speed is sud­denly not needed.

The mo­tor, which comes in ei­ther 8 kW or 28 kW, is con­trolled through the ped­als — the faster they re­volve, the more power the mo­tor gets and the faster the bike goes. The ped­al­ing does not pow mov­ing. er the rear wheel, but works sim­i­lar to a home trainer by turn­ing a fly wheel for which the re­sis­tance can be set.

“We have turned the stan­dard mo­tor­cy­cle world on its head by ex­pect­ing the rider to be phys­i­cally ac­tive in or­der to get and keep You will be sur­prised how much fun it is to ex­er­cise when you feel su­per hu­man,” the Gu­las web­site states.

The en­try level Gu­las Pi1 has an 8kW/60Nm mo­tor with a top speed of 90 km/h and a range of up to 240 km.

The Sport ver­sion, the Pi1S, makes 28 kW, 100 Nm and has a top speed of 115 km/h.

Charg­ing time for the 10 kWhour bat­tery is up to nine hours.

While Gu­las blurs the lines be­tween bi­cy­cle and mo­tor­bike, it leans firmly to top-end mo­tor­bike prices when it comes to sell­ing their hand-built bikes.

Prices for the var­i­ous con­fig­u­ra­tions that are pos­si­ble start at R317 908 and go to over R396 420, and that’s be­fore im­port taxes.


Sell­ing for over R300k, the Gu­las elec­tric bike from Ger­many com­bines the best of cy­cling with the prices of high-end mo­tor­bikes.

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