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A­ THIRD­ sus­pect­ is­ ex­pected­ to­ ap­pearin­ the­ Cape­ Town­ Mag­is­trate’sCourt­ to­day­ in­ con­nec­tion­ with­ theap­par­ent­ hit­ on­ lawyer­ Pete­ Mi­ha­lik,­ ithas­ emerged.

The­ man­ (35)­ handed­ him­self­ overto­ po­lice­ yes­ter­day,­ Western­ Cape­ po­lice­spokesper­son­ Lieu­tenant-ColonelAn­dre­ Traut­ con­firmed.

He­ will­ join­ two­ men­ who­ were­ ar­restedafter­ Mi­ha­lik­ was­ shot­ dead­ ashe­ and­ his­ chil­dren­ drove­ up­ to­ theRed­dam­ House­ At­lantic­ Se­aboard­school­ in­ Green­ Point­ in­ his­ MercedesBen­zlast­ Tues­day­ morn­ing.

His­ daugh­ter­ was­ not­ in­jured,­ buthis­ young­ son­ sus­tained­ a­ gun­shot­wound­ to­ the­ jaw.

Sizwe­ Sin­zokohle­ Biyela­ (26)­ andNkosi­nathi­ Khumalo­ (31)­ have­ been­charged­ with­ the­ “pre­med­i­tated”­ mur­der.They­ have­ also­ been­ charged­ with­at­tempted­ mur­der,­ pos­ses­sion­ of­ anun­li­censed­ firearm­ and­ pos­ses­sion­ ofam­mu­ni­tion.

There­ is­ still­ spec­u­la­tion­ over­ the­mo­tive­ for­ the­ killing.

On­ Sun­day,­ a­ source­ close­ to­ Mi­ha­lik­told­ News24­ that­ those­ who­ had­con­spired­ to­ kill­ him­ had­ “left­ toomany­ loose­ ends”.

“They­ thought­ they­ [would]­ get­away­ with­ it­ again,­ but­ this­ time­ theyleft­ too­ many­ loose­ ends.

“This­ thing­ is­ just­ in­sanely­ dan­ger­ous,as­ these­ peo­ple­ don’t­ care­ whothey­ hurt­ in­ the­ process­ to­ get­ whatthey­ want.­ That­ is­ why­ none­ of­ us­ are­ say­ing­ any­thing­ pub­licly,”­ the­ wellplaced­source,­ who­ has­ knowl­edge­ ofCape­ Town’s­ un­der­world,­ said­ on­ Sun­day.

The­ source­ con­firmed­ a­ Sun­day Times­ re­port­ that­ a­ R1­ mil­lion­ hit­ wasput­ out­ on­ Mi­ha­lik­ from­ jail.

“It­ is­ all­ true.”

The­ news­pa­per­ re­ported­ that­ twocrime­ fig­ures­ ar­ranged­ with­ a­ Gugulethutav­ern­ owner,­ who­ was­ serv­ing­time­ in­ jail­ for­ armed­ rob­bery,­ to­ havethe­ lawyer­ killed.

The­ tav­ern­ owner­ then­ al­leged­ly­con­tacted­ a­ Khayelit­sha­ taxi­ boss­ who­hired­ the­ hit­men.

It’s­ be­lieved­ that­ over­ the­ past­ twoyears,­ Mi­ha­lik­ had­ found­ him­self­ in­ themid­dle­ of­ an­ ap­par­ent­ fight­ be­tweentwo­ un­der­world­ fac­tions­ in­ CapeTown.

On­ the­ one­ side­ is­ Sea­ Point­ busi­ness­man­Mark­ Lif­man­ and­ se­cu­ri­ty­boss­ An­dre­ Naude,­ along­ with­ al­legedSexy­ Boys­ leader­ Jerome­ “Donkie”Booy­sen.

On­ the­ other­ is­ Mo­dack,­ vet­er­an­bouncer­ Jacques­ Cronjé­ and­ an­oth­erBooy­sen­ brother,­ Colin.

Mi­ha­lik­ rep­re­sented­ Mo­dack­ and­ hisas­so­ci­ates.

Netwerk24­ re­ported­ on­ Mon­day­ that­po­lice­ were­ still­ look­ing­ for­ the­ tax­i­boss­ af­ter­ he­ ap­par­ently­ fled­ to­ Jo­han­nes­burg.

Biyela­ and­ Khumalo­ will­ ap­pear­ in­court­ again­ to­day.

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