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WE­ asked­ read­ers­ about­ their­ ex­pe­ri­enceswith­ the­ Msun­duzi­ call­ cen­tre. Vanessa Ganesh:­ Well­ it’s­ re­ally­ dif­fi­cultto­ com­ment­ on­ the­ at­ti­tude­and­ res­o­lu­tion­ of­ prob­lems...­ if­ theyDON’T­ AN­SWER­ THE­ PHONES!!! Sarika Parmes­sar: Well,­ you­ can­ callthem,­ if­ they­ an­swer­ you­ are­ lucky.. Heather Greene: They­ don’t­ an­swer. Vicki Nott: No­ they­ dont­ even­ an­swertheir­ phone.

“Turnaround times es­pe­cially for fix­ing pot­holes as well as re­in­state­ments are still a con­cern that ap­peared from cus­tomers’ re­sponses,” said Ma­fum­batha.

The IFP and DA ques­tioned the au­then­tic­ity of the sur­vey out­come say­ing it was not a true re­flec­tion of the sta­tus of the City’s call cen­tre. Des­rae Alex Stan­ley: Our­ ex­pe­ri­ence­was­ shock­ing.­ First­ of­ all­ af­ter­ nu­mer­ousat­tempts­ the­ phone­ wa­sev­en­tu­ally­ an­swered.­ But­ the­ tele­phone­man­ner­ was­ shock­ing­ to­ saythe­ least.­ The­ tech­ni­cians­ came­ tocheck­ the­ sub­ sta­tion­ for­ the­ prob­lem.Ad­vised­ they­ would­ be­ back­ the­fol­low­ing­ day­ to­ re­pair.­ But­ nev­er­came.­ We­ tried­ call­ing­ again...af­ter­nu­mer­ous­ at­tempts­ had­ to­ re­port­

Ex­ec­u­tive com­mit­tee mem­ber Glenn McArthur said one would be lucky to have a phone an­swered at the call cen­tre let alone it be­ing picked up within five rings. He said at times he had to con­tact the call cen­tre man­ager for as­sis­tance. Both the DA and IFP rec­om­mended that an in­de­pen­dent per­son be ap­pointed to con­duct the sur­vey the­ fault­ again,­ and­ even­tu­ally­ af­tertwo­ weeks­ our­ prob­lem­ was­ even­tu­al­lyre­solved.­ (And­ that’s­ cut­ting­ along­ story­ short.)

Mar­garet Kent Man­ning: When­ theydo­ an­swer­ and­ put­ you­ through­ to­some­ one­ I­ waited­ for­ 40­ min­utes­be­fore­ putting­ the­ phone­ down.­ Iwas­ phon­ing­ from­ the­ UK­ to­ solvemy­ mother’s­ ac­count!!!­ STILL­ not­solved.­

in or­der to ob­tain re­li­able data.

ANC coun­cil­lor Sphamandla Khu­malo de­fended the re­port say­ing the coun­cil­lors should not dis­card its con­tents be­fore they had given those who con­ducted the study an op­por­tu­nity to ex­plain which tools were used dur­ing the as­sess­ment.

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