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LO­CAL­ rap­per­ Pitch­ Black­ Afro­ has­been­ charged­ with­ pre­med­i­tat­ed­mur­der­ and­ de­feat­ing­ the­ ends­ ofjus­tice­ af­ter­ his­ wife,­ Cather­ine­ Mo­du­sane,died­ in­ a­ Jo­han­nes­burgbed­ and­ break­fast­ on­ De­cem­ber­ 31.

He­ ap­peared­ briefly­ in­ the­ Jo­han­nes­burgMag­is­trate’s­ Court­ yes­ter­dayafter­noon.­ The­ case­ was­post­poned­ to­ Jan­uary­ 15.

The­ artist,­ whose­ real­ name­ isThu­lani­ Ng­cobo,­ told­ the­ court­ hecould­ not­ af­ford­ to­ pay­ for­ a­ lawyerand­ he­ would­ ap­ply­ for­ legalaid.

Ng­cobo­ was­ ar­rested­ on­ Tues­dayafter­ a­ pathol­o­gist­ who­ ex­am­inedMo­du­sane’s­ body­ found­ that­ she­could­ have­ died­ from­ in­juries­ thatwere­ ob­served,­ po­lice­ spokesper­son­Lun­gelo­ Dlamini­ told­ News24.

Dlamini­ said­ Mo­du­sane­ was­found­ in­ a­ room­ at­ a­ bed­ and­break­fast­ in­ Belle­vue,­ Jo­han­nes­burg,with­ in­juries­ to­ her­ up­per­ body.

On­ Wednesday,­ Daily Sun re­port­edthat­ sources­ close­ to­ the­ cou­ple­said­ they­ had­ been­ fight­ing­ thenight­ be­fore­ Mo­du­sane­ was­ found­dead­ in­ her­ room.

How­ever,­ Ng­cobo­ dis­missed­ the­claims.­

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