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ZULU­ King­ Good­will­ Zwelithini’s­ In­gonya­maTrust,­ which­ owns­ onethirdof­ KwaZulu-Natal’s­ in­hab­it­able­land,­ col­lected­ R118,4­ mil­lion­ in­rental­ in­come­ from­ in­hab­i­tantsover­ the­ past­ fi­nan­cial­ year.

This­ was­ an­ in­crease­ of­ 19%­ on­the­ pre­vi­ous­ year,­ ac­cord­ing­ to­ thetrust’s­ an­nual­ re­port,­ which­ was­sub­mit­ted­ to­ Par­lia­ment’s­ port­fo­lio­com­mit­tee­ on­ ru­ral­ de­vel­op­men­tand­ land­ re­form.

The­ com­mit­tee­ or­dered­ the­ trustto­ re­turn­ to­ Par­lia­ment­ with­ com­pre­hen­sivere­ports­ on­ how­ rental­in­come­ had­ been­ used­ to­ ben­e­fit­the­ oc­cu­pants­ of­ the­ land­ over­ thep­ast­ five­ years.

In­ a­ re­port­ at­tached­ to­ the­ an­nu­al­re­port,­ the­ au­di­tor-gen­eral­ al­so­ex­pressed­ con­cerns­ about­ there­li­a­bil­ity­ of­ the­ trust’s­ fi­nan­cial­state­ments,­ ad­ding­ that­ its­ con­trol­board­ had­ not­ re­ported­ fully­ on­ as­setsworth­ R24,4­ bil­lion.

Ex­pen­di­ture­ of­ R320­ mil­lion­ on­mu­nic­i­pal­ taxes­ had­ also­ not­ been­re­flected,­ while­ ir­reg­u­lar­ ex­pen­di­tureof­ R1,9­ mil­lion,­ left­ un­ex­plainedin­ the­ fi­nan­cial­ state­ments,­ had­not­ been­ in­ves­ti­gated.

Judge­ Jerome­ Ng­wenya,­ chair­ ofthe­ trust,­ said­ it­ was­ un­der­ no­ obli­ga­tionto­ re­port­ on­ any­thing­ overand­ above­ the­ ap­prox­i­mately­ R20mil­lion­ it­ re­ceived­ from­ gov­ern­ment­for­ ad­min­is­tra­tive­ costs­ ev­ery­ year.

He­ ar­gued­ the­ trust­ was­ man­agedac­cord­ing­ to­ the­ reg­u­la­tion­sin­ the­ Ingonyama­ Trust­ Act.

In­ July,­ Pres­i­dent­ Cyril­ Ramaphosa­said­ se­nior­ min­is­ters­ would­ be­hold­ing­ dis­cus­sions­ with­ the­ tru­stand­ other­ role­play­ers­ about­ theTrust’s­ fu­ture.­ These­ have­ not­ yet­taken­ place.

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