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Dam lev­els low on the north coast


MHLATHUZE­ WA­TER­ has­ called­ on­com­mu­ni­ties­ and­ in­dus­tries­ in­North­ern­ KwaZulu-Natal­ to­ use­ wa­terspar­ingly­ due­to­a­decr ease­ in­ dam­ l eve ls.­Mhlathuze­ Wa­ter ,­ which­ sup­plies­ bulk­ wa­ter­ to­ the­ King­ Cetshwayo,­Zu lu land­ and­ the­ uMkh any akud e­D istricts­ a s­well­ as­ in­dus­tries ,­ said­ due­ to­ dwin­dling­ level s­at­ its­ dam s­and­ low­ rain­fall­ there­ was­ a­ need­ to­ closely­mon­i­tor­ wa­ter­ con­sump­tion.

The­ Goede­trouw­ Dam,­ which­ isMh­lathuze­ Wa­ter’s­ main­ wa­ter­source­ for­ the­ greater­ Richards­ Ba­yarea,­ is­ cur­rently­ sit­ting­ at­ be­low40,83%,­ and­ has­ not­ fully­ re­cov­ered­from­ the­ drought­ which­ rav­agedthe­ north­ern­ parts­ of­ KwaZulu-Natal­five­ years­ ago.

The­ Pon­go­laPoort­ Dam­ in­ Joziniis­ at­ 58,74%.­ ­ This­ is­ marked­ly­lower­ than­ last­ year.

“De­spite­ the­ in­ter­mit­tent­ rain­sthat­ we­ have­ been­ wit­ness­ing ,­ wedo­ not­ have­ a­ wa­ter­ sur­plus ;­ we­need­ to­ pru­dently­ man­age­ our­ wa­ter­sup­plies ,”­ said­ a­ state­ment­is­sued­ by­ the­ of­fice­ of­ the­ chief­ exe cut ive,­Mhlathuze­ Wa­ter.

“While­ the­ wa­ter­ sit­u­a­tion­ can­notbe­ de­scribed­ as­ dire­ in­ our­ catch­ment­ area­ due­ to­ mul­ti­ple­ wa­ter­ sources ,­ we­ need­ to­re main­ mind­ful­ that­ Nor the rn­KZN­ re­mains­ex­tremely­ wa­ter­ scarce .­“Com­mu­ni­ties­ and­ in­dus­tries­ must­ closely­mon­i­tor­ their­ wa­ter­ us­age­ in­ order­ to­ avert­ re­stric­tions­ in­ fu­ture .­ Our­ mes­sage­ to­ com­mu­ni­ties­ in­ our­ ar­eas­ of­ oper­a­tion­ is­ that­ they­ must­ con­serve­ wa­ter­ and­ get­ back­ to­ the­ ba­sics­ of­ not­ wash­ing­ their­ ve­hi­cles­ with­ hose­ pipes ,­wa­ter­ing­ their­ plants­ with­ drink­able­ wa­ter­ and­ en­sure­ that­ they­ at­tend­ to­ leaks .”

Mh­latuze­ Wa­ter­ said­ in­ its­ ef­fort­sto­ en­sure­ wa­ter­ se­cu­rity­ in­ North­ern­ KwaZulu-Natal­ it­ has­ em­barked­ on­ ma­jor­ in­fra­struc­ture­up­grades,­ in­clud­ing­com­mis­sion in g­ a40­ mega-litre­ per­ day­ wa­ter­ treat­ment­plant­ to­ ser­vice­ the­ uMkhanyaku­de­ District­ with­ po ta­ble­ wa­ter .­ Ad­di­tion­ally ,­ and­ as­ an­ in­terim­mea­sure ,­bore­holes­ are­ be­ing­ sun k­in­ the­ dri­est­ ar­eas .­—­ WR.

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