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It is a mat­ter of pub­lic knowl­edge that dat­ing sites have in the past years grown in stature and size world over. That is mainly due to the growth of in­ter­net that (in­ter­net) man­aged to pen­e­trate dif­fer­ent parts of the uni­verse in­clud­ing ru­ral ar­eas. Nat­u­rally, there is still a stigma in other ar­eas for join­ing a dat­ing site but in other ar­eas, the stigma is of no sig­nif­i­cance.

The main fo­cus of this ar­ti­cle is to help the own­ers of the Dat­ing Sites to im­prove their busi­nesses in the course of ren­der­ing ser­vice to hu­man­ity. Our (Mag­a­zine) took time to find out why did, and why do peo­ple join dat­ing sites. We spoke to sev­eral per­sons in and around var­i­ous parts of South Africa, both ru­ral and ur­ban res­i­dents. Their re­sponses are recorded herein be­low thus;

They needed ex­tra help or ex­tra hands to help them to find the love of their life. There were var­i­ous rea­sons that were given by the re­spon­dents as to why did they need ex­tra-help/hands to find love while other peo­ple did not. Some of the rea­sons given were as fol­lows

“It is be­cause I have been very un­lucky in the love game, but I do not re­ally know the rea­sons why…” “I do find love but the re­la­tion­ships do not last…”

“I have been un­able to at­tract the op­po­site sex for sev­eral years, and I am not sure why”

“I feel that I am too smart/ in­tel­li­gent as such I am strug­gling to find my match of the same in­tel­lect. All of them felt threat­ened by my strength…” “I am just too shy to ask some­one else to go for a date”

“I have chil­dren from the pre­vi­ous re­la­tion­ship and the po­ten­tial part­ners turns this sit­u­a­tion off…”; and many more rea­sons. There is no time to look for a lover be­cause their work sched­ule was very tight.

They needed to meet with ‘an in­ter­na­tional’ part­ner who would in­tro­duce new and ex­otic val­ues into their life. An ‘in­ter­na­tional ‘ part­ner re­ferred to some­one from an­other city, prov­ince and/or coun­try al­to­gether. Oth­ers specif­i­cally stated which coun­tries did they pre­fer to date from, while oth­ers did not spec­ify.

It was rel­a­tively faster, eas­ier and more con­ve­nient to find what you were look­ing for be­cause the pro­files did give a clue about the op­po­site per­son. Many more rea­sons were given but the afore­said rea­sons proved to be very pop­u­lar.

What­ever the ex­act rea­sons were one thing that is clear is that there was a need that needed to be sat­is­fied. As a ser­vice provider, the Dat­ing Sites must find the most ef­fec­tive means to sat­isfy the needs that af­fect their clients from time-to-time, and in dif­fer­ent parts of the world. Glob­al­iza­tion through the in­ter­net has made it much eas­ier to deal di­rectly with hu­man­ity from al­most any part of the world. This is one of the tools that could be used suc­cess­fully by the Dat­ing Sites.

Tac­tic Num­ber 001; Ed­u­cate your­self about the game of love;

This ap­pears to be too ob­vi­ous but it has be­come nec­es­sary to dis­cuss it nev­er­the­less.

As an owner of the Dat­ing Site one needs to be­come an ‘ex­pert’ in the game of love. Some of the Dat­ing Site Own­ers are, but some of them are not. This will help the owner to have a bet­ter in­sight into the rules of en­gage­ment which will en­able them to ren­der a bet­ter ser­vice to their clients. Once one has ed­u­cated one­self about the game of love one will be able to con­nect well with dif­fer­ent ‘con­di­tions’ and how the same can, and should be re­solved. Some of the ben­e­fits are that; One will be able to struc­ture or re­struc­ture one’s web­site to cater for most of the rel­e­vant is­sues that may not have been catered be­fore; One will be able to make the nec­es­sary re­fer­ral to ap­pro­pri­ate per­sons and/or fo­rums as and when­ever there is a need.

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