Guer­rilla Mar­ket­ing.

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From the on­set, it must be stated that Guer­rilla Mar­ket­ing is not ‘Mar­ket­ing’ in a true sense of the word be­cause there are many other com­po­nents of ‘Mar­ket­ing ’ that are not cov­ered in Guer­rilla Mar­ket­ing. Nev­er­the­less, to the ex­tent that this prac­tice has be­come as­so­ci­ated with the use of the term ‘Mar­ket­ing’, it be­came nec­es­sary to use the same term.

This is an ad­ver­tis­ing strat­egy that is de­signed for busi­ness to pro­mote their prod­ucts and/ or ser­vices mak­ing use of un­com­mon, un­usual, and un­con­ven­tional meth­ods hav­ing a very lit­tle bud­get at hand aimed at achiev­ing max­i­mum prof­its there­from. To this ex­tent, Guer­rilla Mar­ket­ing [GM] is mainly about ad­ver­tis­ing and pro­mo­tions. To un­der­stand the con­cept it is nec­es­sary to un­der­stand its ba­sis. A Guer­rilla is gen­er­ally de­fined as a mem­ber of a small, in­de­pen­dent group, tak­ing part in ir­reg­u­lar fight­ing, typ­i­cally against larger reg­u­lar forces mak­ing use of ac­tiv­i­ties like ha­rass­ing the enemy by sur­pris­ing raids, that are quick, ef­fec­tive, and short-lived. Af­ter such at­tacks, a Guer­rilla dis­ap­pears. Then a Guer­rilla re-ap­pears af­ter some time to make a fol­low-up on the ef­fec­tive­ness or oth­er­wise of his at­tack. In the busi­ness world, this is ex­actly how Guer­rilla Mar­ket­ing is ex­e­cuted. A com­pany (that is usu­ally small in size) de­cides to ‘think out­side a box’ to send its mes­sage across to the con­sumers chal­leng­ing larger com­pa­nies that have larger bud­gets for mar­ket­ing.

The Essence of Guer­rilla Mar­ket­ing;

Or­di­nar­ily, its essence is to de­vi­ate from tra­di­tional forms of me­dia chan­nels of mar­ket­ing like print, ra­dio, tele­vi­sion, di­rect mail and the like to oc­cupy spa­ces on the streets and/or any other pub­lic space that is avail­able to the com­pany to send the mes­sage across. Not­with­stand­ing that GM re­quires a lit­tle bud­get, how­ever, it re­quires a lot of fo­cus, en­ergy, and great imag­i­na­tion from its cre­ator fail­ing which the ex­act op­po­site (a flop) may be achieved if is done reck­lessly.

Cen­tral to GM is to take the con­sumer by sur­prise, make an in­deli­ble mark on the con­sumers' mind to change the con­sumer’s per­cep­tion of the com­pany and its prod­ucts and/or ser­vices by cre­at­ing a huge amount of so­cial buzz. These cam­paigns need to be ‘unique’, ‘shock­ing’, ‘out­ra­geous’, ‘dis­rup­tive’ but very clever to can twist the con­sumer buy­ing be­hav­iour within a very short space of time. To this ex­tent, the types of strate­gies used in GM are un­lim­ited.

To the ex­tent that GM does not have pre­scribed rules, as such it is then in­cum­bent upon the cre­ator to do a thor­ough re­search about what strate­gies are likely to work well in their re­spec­tive en­vi­ron­ments. Fail­ure to pre­pare well is pre­par­ing to fail well.

The growth of in­ter­net busi­ness has also led to GM be­ing used on-line go­ing be­yond the streets as it usu­ally was the case be­fore. Sev­eral strate­gies have been used suc­cess­fully on­line to send the mes­sage across. GM is a golden op­por­tu­nity for the com­pa­nies, es­pe­cially small busi­nesses to mar­ket their goods and/or ser­vices on a reg­u­lar ba­sis to max­i­mize their prof­its. Mar­ket­ing is one of the fun­da­men­tals that are nec­es­sary to en­sure the con­tin­ued prof­itabil­ity of a com­pany be­cause mar­ket­ing con­nects the com­pany to the con­sumer com­mu­nity. To this ex­tent, com­pa­nies need to en­sure that they en­gage in mar­ket­ing their goods/ ser­vices al­most on a daily ba­sis. As the world is dy­namic, so is mar­ket­ing. Hence, what­ever Guer­rilla Mar­ket­ing strate­gies that one needs to use, one must en­sure that they will ap­peal to the rel­e­vant con­sumers that are tar­geted hav­ing due con­sid­er­a­tion to time, area, and space.


Dis­ad­van­tages of GM;

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