Can­dles, Contd.

The Step- by- Step Guide;

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Step 01: Melt the wax - There are dif­fer­ent meth­ods of do­ing this. It eas­ier to have two pots. The big­ger one and the smaller one. Pour un­melted wax into a smaller pot, then put the smaller pot in­side the larger pot that has boil­ing wa­ter. Melt the wax over wa­ter and never di­rectly on a hot plate as it catches fire very fast.

Step 02: Trans­fer the wax into the pour­ing pots - Once the wax has melted you must trans­fer the wax into the pour­ing pots. Then add color and fra­grance into the pour­ing pots. While th­ese are dis­solv­ing slowly set up your molds/ con­tain­ers.

Step 03: Be­gin fill­ing your con­tain­ers. - In­sert the wick at the cen­ter of the con­tainer and se­cure it so that it keeps the orig­i­nal po­si­tion. One easy method is to at­tach a small ‘ su­per­glue’ at the bot­tom of the wick to se­cure it. Make sure that your pour­ing tem­per­a­ture is about 145- 150, but with ex­pe­ri­ence you will soon learn to know the right tem­per­a­ture.

Step 04: Cool­ing the can­dles. - The best tem­per­a­ture to use to cool the can­dles is a room tem­per­a­ture with­out any drafts.

This is how sim­ple it is to man­u­fac­ture can­dles. In our next fea­ture we will dis­cuss fur­ther is­sues that are re­lated to the art of mak­ing can­dles.

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