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- Tourism Guide Africa Team

Ahearty welcome to the February - May 2018 edition for the Tourism Guide Africa Travel Guide. Travel is a gift that we give ourselves and if you planning a trip to Africa and not sure what to do, don’t worry we have put together some great travel ideas and packages to make your planning easy. In this issue we look at a range of marine travel destinatio­ns, we guide you to discover South Africa’s marine big 5 and how to make sustainabl­e seafood choices to help you make ocean friendly choices about the sea food you eat.

We look at eco tourism destinatio­ns in Africa in the dwell with South Africa’s indigenous trees article as well as the green season in Malawi article. We also take your taste buds on a journey that will make you look forward to a unique African culinary experience.

We hope this issue inspires you to leap towards your next Africa trip.

Happy Travels!

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