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7 Romantic Beaches in Seychelles


Seychelles has long been referred to as the “islands of love” There is no doubt Seychelles has some of the best beaches in the world. These beaches have various water sports like diving and snorkellin­g that you can look forward to for a romantic getaway with your loved one. Below are some of the romantic beaches to look forward to in Seychelles.


Located in Mahe Island this is a quiet shady beach neighbouri­ng Anse a la mouche, which disappears with the high tide; Anse aux poules bleues is well worth a visit. Parking is available beneath the large Takamaka trees and the water is shallow and perfect for families or snorkelers. ANSE FORBANS Located in Mahe Island, perhaps in the age of the corsairs, pirates did indeed visit this beautiful beach on the south-eastern coast of Mahé. Nowadays, Anse Forbans is popular with visitors from nearby hotels along the shoreline. For the most part the beach is considered safe for swimming except for the southern part that leads to Anse Marie Louise (past Anse Forbans Chalets).


This relatively easy trail winds its way along the rocky northweste­rn coastline of Mahé, leading to the small secluded beach of Anse Major. Starting from the fishing village of belombre, the hike leading to the beach is a short one but the sheltered cove at the end, makes it well worth it.


This award-winning beach has often been voted the most beautiful beach in the world. It is a wide dazzlingly white expanse of powdery sand, surrounded by lush vegetation and gran-

Anse Victorin is located on Frégate Island. Access to this beach is most convenient to guests staying at the islands resort, Frégate Island Private. Once on the island, guests of the hotel can ask for exact directions to the beach.


This beach is part of the L’Union Estate, a plantation open to the public. Along its shore are the secluded L’Union Estate Chalets where famous names such as British Prime Minister Tony Blair have holidayed. The small boatbuildi­ng yard, a traditiona­l craft of La Digue, also used to share its shores but is now sadly closed. The sea here is good for swimming and for snorkellin­g.


On either side of the south-western tip of Mahé are two magnificen­t bays with rolling waves and soft white sand. These two beaches are best suited for walking and photograph­y as the strong currents here make them dangerous for swimming. Because of this and their remote location, walkers can usually enjoy a solitary stroll along this pristine coastline. These bays are located approximat­ely 17km from the airport. From the airport, turn left and travel south on the main road passing Anse Royale petrol station. Continue on this road until you reach the Quatre Bornes police station on your right. From here take the left turn onto Intendance Road and drive for about 1km until you reach another junction. Keep to the road on the left and continue to the end.


Glacis Beach is actually more than just one beach, boasting two distinct sections separated by rocky formations. Its deep waters are safe for swimming and snorkellin­g and it also offers superb vistas of Beau Vallon and Silhouette Island.

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ite rocks, and a bay of translucen­t ocean. An ideal location for swimming and snorkellin­g.

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