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Pahari depicts space (pa) where pots (hari) are the tools of trade to recreate the best original African cuisine. Clay pots have been in use for a long in our cooking culture. Our grandmothe­rs invested in clay pots for food preparatio­n, traditiona­l beer preparatio­n and all forms of ritual formations with the confinemen­t of traditiona­l calabash. We owe it to the first people for the skills and and food culture which our mothers inherited to master the art of African cuisine. Affordable and simple recipes passed on from generation to generation.

Our traditiona­l menu at Pahari African Restaurant is structured to provide for both starch and meat, often supported with our organic African vegetables.

Our vegetables are selected from both domestic and organic wild picking crafted by the genius Khoisan people. They had the instinct in the wilderness to detect among other herbs, vegetables with medicinal values.


Starch is at the centre of African cuisine surrounded by a cluster of relishes. Commonly cooked as thick porridge and officially declared as Africa’s staple food. It is called Pap in South Africa, Sadza in Zimbabwe, and Ugali in East Africa. There are many types of Pap in Southern Africa but the common one is white pap made from ground up white maize meal. The oldest forms of Pap were made out of small grain grown by the rural folks with little or no chemicals at all. The following different types of Pap are available at Pahari African Restaurant: Rapoko - red pap (zviyo)

Sorghum - gray pap (mapfunde)

Millet - brown pap (mhunga)

Wheat - brown pap (gorosi)

Rice is also on the starch list, with either white rice or brown rice. The brown rice is also known as Mashakada and is cooked blended with peanut butter to produce one of the best indigenous tastes. Brown rice is commonly grown in the wetlands of Zimbabwe or Limpopo province in South Africa.


At Pahari we specialise in beef, chicken and fish dishes.

Beef option

The beef comes as a stew with any type of Pap. The different types of beef meals we have are as follows:

Beef trotters - Zondo

Tripe - Guru

Oxtail - Muswe

Meaty beef bones - Mpandawana Mpandawana is our most popular / best selling dish at Pahari.

Oxtail is our most expensive dish because of its delicious taste and soup bone component. Traditiona­lly oxtail was a delicacy for the African kings.

Fish option

Our popular fish dish is Tilapia fish from Kenya. It is either pan fried or cooked in curry sauce as a relish. Kapenta which is another option is also popular and we serve it cooked with peanut butter or fried with onion and tomato. Kapenta is a small type of fish but rich in protein.

Chicken option

Our regular chicken stew is boiled, fried and blended in a rich soup of onion and tomato.

Then we have what we call the Farm Chicken option. This is free range chicken from the farm commonly know in some places as the Hard Body. It is also known as the Road Runner. It is very chewy and tasty. Paired with the brown rice with peanut butter this is a delicacy.

We also have grilled chicken wings, which most of our customers pair with white rice and salad.

Any meat served at Pahari African Restaurant is complement­ed with some green vegetables very similar to spinach. Our customers love the green vegetables. These vegetables form part of a healthy and balanced diet. They are rich in nutrients and vitamins.


We have an assortment of extras to compliment our customers meals at Pahari:

Green vegetables in peanut butter. Mopane worms.

Sugar beans.

Chakalaka. Salad.

Nyevhe in peanut butter.

Munyemba in peanut butter.

Tanganda tea.

Mazoe syrup.


Red ants (majuru).

Roasted and salted peanuts.

We are also available on the following delivery services:


Mr Delivery.


Pahari provides you with a unique dining experience right at the heart of Cape Town.

Our recipes are home cooked by a team of well trained chefs. We recreate the best original traditiona­l diet with attention to detail. Next time you are in the Cape Town area give us a visit. Website -

Email -

Phone - 078 107 1541

Facebook -­canrestaur­ant/ Twitter - Instagram - pahari_african_restaurant/

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