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Billions of grains of sand, fine and deep red in colour, dotted with light-green and yellow shrubs, forming one dune after the other as far as the eye can see … this is the southern Kalahari. Now imagine looking out over this landscape, sipping on a glass of the Northern Cape’s finest wine as the sun starts to set, adding first an orange glow, and later swirls of pink, purple and dark blue to the sky.

That is exactly what you can expect when going for a sundowner with Vinkie’s Kalahari

Experience, one of the tourist establishm­ents on the province’s Kalahari Red Dune Route.

They also offer cultural tours and tracking experience­s with the San on the ‡Khomani San community’s Erin Game Ranch on the R31 road between Askham and Andriesval­e. At the entrance to the game ranch, you’ll find Aunt Koera’s Farm Kitchen, where you can stop for a glass of icecold home-made ginger beer and roosterkoe­k, traditiona­l bread grilled on a fire.

The Kalahari Red Dune Route includes several tourist attraction­s along the R31 and R360 roads in the area south of the Kgalagadi Transfront­ier Park, bordering both Namibia and Botswana.

Other highlights on the route are sandboardi­ng or horse riding on the red dunes at Rooiduin Guest Farm & Kalahari

Extreme Adventure (image at the top) and meeting meerkats at ethologist Prof. Anne Rasa’s wildlife reserve and meerkat sanctuary, Kalahari

Trails. Both these attraction­s lie on the R360 road between Askham and the transfront­ier park.

If you’re a keen wildlife photograph­er and safari lover, the transfront­ier park, which stretches across the northernmo­st tip of the province and into neighbouri­ng Botswana, should definitely be on your itinerary.

A combinatio­n of red dunes (the colour is attributed to the high iron oxide content of the sand) and stretches of white sand provides the perfect backdrop for taking pictures of the wildlife and birdlife in the park. The park is home to lion, leopard, cheetah, the African wildcat, giraffe, spotted hyena, gemsbok, springbok, kudu, eland, blue wildebeest and the oh-so-adorable meerkat.

Although some roads in the southern part of the park can be driven in a sedan, a 4x4 with high ground clearance is recommende­d. There are several self-drive routes available but you can also book a guided early-morning or sunset game drive.

The Kalahari Red Dune Route is perfect for exploring on your own, or you can opt for one of several packages available – from a four-day glamping, five-day culture and cuisine or six-day 4x4 adventure, to a four-day backpackin­g and six-day premier experience. Email rooiduinro­ete@hotmail. or phone +27 (0)82 492

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