Orb-weaver Spi­ders

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Orb weaver spi­der ( Nephila ko­maci) fe­males can have a body-length as large as 3.8 cm (1.5”) with legs span­ning 10-12 cm (4-5”). Golden silk orb-weaver males, be­ing 1-4 times smaller than fe­males, are of­ten can­ni­bal­ized dur­ing their first cop­u­la­tion. Also of the orb-weaver genus, Darwin’s Bark Spi­der ( Caerostris dar­wini), dis­cov­ered in Mada­gas­car in 2009, is ca­pa­ble of weav­ing webs mea­sur­ing up to 28,000 cm2 (4,340 sq in). Its silk is the tough­est bi­o­log­i­cal ma­te­rial ever stud­ied, over ten times tougher than a sim­i­larly-sized piece of Kevlar.

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