Un­der­arm Care

The heat is on, and calls for short or no sleeves. Our tips will have you throw­ing your arms in the air with con­fi­dence!

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We usu­ally give our un­der­arms very lit­tle love, and with­out proper care, they can suf­fer from odour, ir­ri­ta­tion and dis­coloura­tion. Here’s how to get smooth and fresh-smelling armpits:


The del­i­cate skin un­der the arms needs spe­cial care, says Dr Jens Schulz, head of global prod­uct de­vel­op­ment for Nivea De­odor­ants. “An an­tiper­spi­rant is de­signed to in­hibit sweat­ing. It con­tains re­li­able ac­tive an­tiper­spi­rant in­gre­di­ents that re­duce sweat­ing by con­strict­ing the sweat glands. The less sweat bac­te­ria that breaks down, the less body odour and fewer sweat patches. For the best re­sults, use the prod­uct on clean and dry skin,” Dr Schulz adds.


Avoid com­mon post-shav­ing ef­fects such as stub­ble, itch­i­ness, in­grown hairs and in­flamed skin by lightly ex­fo­li­at­ing the area with a loofah or gen­tle scrub. Use a nour­ish­ing shav­ing cream for smoother re­sults, and us­ing a fresh blade, shave in a down­ward di­rec­tion.


This is best done pro­fes­sion­ally. If you de­cide to do it yourself, first pre­pare the un­der­arm skin by ex­fo­li­at­ing it to re­move dead skin cells, and wash the area with hot wa­ter to soften the hair — also trim the length to min­imise pain dur­ing wax­ing. To re­duce pain, pop a painkiller an hour be­fore and avoid al­co­hol.


The pro­ce­dure is safe but not cheap, and you won’t see the re­sults in­stantly! Af­ter a few days, the hairs in the treated area will fall out and re­growth re­duced.

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