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Get en­vi­able false eye­lashes that'll last from dawn to dusk

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Q. What com­mon mis­takes do peo­ple make when ap­ply­ing lashes? “Some ladies use hair ad­he­sive to stick lashes on. I'm not cer­tain where this trend comes from, but I urge you not to do it. Ap­ply­ing false lashes on top of your nat­u­ral lashes and us­ing mas­cara on false lashes are other big 'oop­sies',” says Ler­ato Mabote, Pretty Lee Lashes founder. Q. How should false lashes be taken care of?

1. Place lashes back on the tray, and into the box af­ter use.

2. Al­ways re­move glue build up.

3. Don't sleep with your false lashes on, so you can ex­tend their use.


3 Tips to ap­ply­ing false lashes

1. Find the right type of false lashes for your eyes and face shape – there's no one-size-fits-all.

2. Al­ways cut them to fit the size of your eyes as you don't want over­lap­ping lashes.

3. Al­ways ap­ply lashes as close to your lash line as pos­si­ble.


“Af­ter do­ing mine at The Brow Stu­dio, I'm now a huge fan of in­di­vid­ual lash ex­ten­sions. They takes a while to in­stall, but the re­sults are worth it. My set lasted for more than three weeks,” says TL Beauty Ed­i­tor, Ler­ato Seuoe. How long does it take to in­stall in­di­vid­ual lashes?

A full set of vol­ume lashes takes about two hours.

Avail­able lengths?

They vary from 8-14 mm. How long do they last?

3-4 weeks de­pend­ing on the growth of your own lashes and care, says Sa­man­tha Di­varis, owner of The Brow Stu­dio.


If you're a first-timer, it does take a few tries be­fore fi­nally nail­ing the de­sired ef­fect.


These are ver­sa­tile as you can cre­ate any ef­fect with the dif­fer­ent lengths, but they take longer to ap­ply. The more strands you ap­ply, the thicker the vol­ume.


1. Avoid get­ting lashes wet for the first 12 hours

2. Avoid rub­bing your eyes, and don't pick or pull your lashes

3. Avoid get­ting your lashes caught on tow­els or cloth­ing

4. Don't dry your lashes with a towel or hair dryer; let them dry nat­u­rally

5. Don't wear mas­cara as it in­ter­feres with the bon­der

6. Do not use any eye makeup re­movers, cleansers or oils on your lashes

7. Avoid crush­ing your lashes into your pil­low when sleep­ing

8. NB! Please keep the area clean. Im­proper hy­giene can re­sult in an in­fec­tion

9. Brush your lashes daily with a clean mas­cara wand

Pro Tip:“First start with your eye make-up. Then ap­ply eye­shadow, liner, mas­cara and fin­ish off with your falsies,” Ler­ato ad­vises.

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