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To help com­bat an­tibi­otics re­sis­tance, Dr Fezile Mkhize shares these tips:

1. Dis­cuss all al­ler­gies and re­ac­tions to any drugs, food or prod­ucts with your doc­tor be­fore you start a course of an­tibi­otics.

2. Be clear about the du­ra­tion of the treat­ment and cor­rect times to take the an­tibi­otic. Even when symp­toms have sub­sided, com­plete the course as directed.

3. The use of an­tibi­otics should only be taken when pre­scribed by a health pro­fes­sional. Don’t share your an­tibi­otics with any­one else, even if your symp­toms are the same.

4. Ask about tak­ing pro­bi­otics (good bac­te­ria) to pro­tect your di­ges­tive sys­tem against the po­tent ef­fect of the an­tibi­otics.

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