I love you: It’s easy for guys to ut­ter th­ese words even when they don’t mean them. In some cases, men will say this to get into your pants and mis­lead you into think­ing they have in­vested feel­ings in you.

I’m not ready to set­tle: When men say this, they are in most cases, not sure about spend­ing the rest of their lives with you. They give you a rope to hang your­self so that when they leave, you’re not sur­prised. Oth­ers, how­ever, are gen­uine. Men can be hon­est (some­times...)

I don’t have money: In my years of be­ing in re­la­tion­ships, I have never been stingy with money. When I say such, it means I do have money, but it is re­served for other things, or it’s only enough to sus­tain me un­til my next pay cheque. Men say this to avoid spend­ing money on un­nec­es­sary items or out­ings.

I’ll be right back: This is the sin­gle most ir­ri­tat­ing ex­cuse men have been us­ing for decades. We know, we know! We say this partly be­cause if we aren’t home by, say, 7 pm, we are most likely to be bom­barded with calls and chill­ing texts sum­mon­ing us home.

I’m on my way: Most men say this to give you enough time to pre­pare your­self for a pick up. We know how long you take to get ready [chuck­les]!

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