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What’s the most important rule you’ve learnt about hair?

Take time to know and understand your hair. What works for someone else might not necessaril­y work for you. A lot of factors need to be taken into considerat­ion when buying products — your hair type, the health of your scalp, and so on. When you know your hair, you’re able to make better product purchases.

What advice would you give to someone who constantly plaits their dreadlocks?

They need to ensure that the stylist does not pull too tightly when plaiting, as this may result in long-term damage and a receding hairline. Don’t use products that cause flakes or build-up.

Natural hair needs a lot of TLC as it tends to get dry quickly. How do you keep it soft and hydrated?

Hair foods, butters and oils are best. Ensure that you seal in moisture by using oils such as coconut oil.

Braids are perfect if you want to take a break from combing and brushing. How do you maintain them?

Most people tend to neglect their hair when it’s braided. Base your scalp with hairfood after braiding. Using products that have essential oils like glycerine or braid spray that conditions and will leave your hair looking great.

Please share your favourite tip.

Always keep your scalp clean and healthy. This means ‘wash day’ can’t be once a month anymore. Invest in your crown by having a regime that includes washing, conditioni­ng and moisturisi­ng. This is essential to help your hair grow!

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