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Clutter is distractin­g and, according to the Journal of Neuroscien­ce, it can actually affect your ability to focus, “Looking at too many things at once overloads your visual cortex and interferes with your brain’s ability to process informatio­n.” An organised work space helps to keep a clear and organised mind. According to HuffPost contributo­r and entreprene­ur, Elizabeth Laiza, some benefits of keeping an organised work space include: an increase in your productivi­ty, as you’ll save time looking for things and will have more time to work on important tasks. You can also reduce your stress level; be on time, consistent­ly, as organisati­on and punctualit­y go hand-in-hand; and you can also ensure you meet deadlines. But where to start? Use storage boxes, desk organisers, shelves, and labelling where important documents or items should be placed.

One in three people (36%)don’t work a job that is in line with their degree. (www.careerbuil­

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