True Love



Career coach Phiona Martin suggests you’re an ambivert if five or more of the following statements apply to you :

1. You enjoy being around people but to a certain limit. You also need time alone.

2. You have different versions of “you”, depending on the situation.

3. You sometimes enjoy being in the spotlight, but not for too long.

4. You don’t feel a particular preference to identify as introvert or extrovert. You resonate well with qualities of both personalit­y types.

5. You can indulge in small talk when needed but also prefer deep, meaningful conversati­ons.

6. You do well with both interactiv­e and independen­t work.

7. Decision-making is often agonising because you spend a lot of time self-reflecting and mulling things over in your mind. At the same time, you feel the need to share all the pros and cons of your decision.

8. Empathy comes naturally to you and you try to help.

9. In group settings, you’re able to provide a much-needed balance to the social dynamic.

10.You go to a party with your friends but also mingle with other guests.

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