True Love

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“The TV shows and the conversati­ons that follow thereafter, have made women think it’s glamourous to be in a polygamous marriage. The assumption is that polygamist­s are rich and will afford one the much-coveted good life. I don’t think most modern women have the emotional maturity required — some want an easy way out without the admin of a committed marriage.” Lally Dladla

“Watching the episode where Musa Mseleku had bought his wives brand-new cars left me with serious envy. He didn’t just stop there — he challenged his other polygamist friends to follow suit. In reality, however, we need to be careful of internalis­ing what’s possibly been scripted and think we can fit it into our reality. We’ve seen enough examples of women who lack nothing materially yet are trapped in loveless marriages. We need to outline our values and wave them high for all to see.” Nomali Radebe

“We’re a nation of hypocrites. How many times have we heard stories of someone’s dad secretly nurturing an ‘out-of-town’ relationsh­ip only for those children to make their first public appearance at his funeral? We read about married male celebritie­s who have families outside of their marriages yet when presented with an actual polygamy setting, we want to throw stones at those who choose to participat­e. When polygamy is practiced for genuine traditiona­l reasons, those who believe in it should be left to play by its rules.” *Xola Xulu

*Not her real name

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