True Love



“My husband’s mother is involved in a lot of his decisions and he takes what she says seriously. She’s been known to come to our home and cook the type of meals he likes. I used to try fight it but quickly realised it was a losing battle. I let them go about their business and I use it to my advantage. I let her cook and don’t complain when she buys him stuff. Over time, she’s started cooking what I like too and shows me other forms of affection. She eventually realised I wasn’t there to fight her. It’s not an ideal situation but it works for us.” Lusanda Moreletse, 33, Joburg

“I broke up with a guy because he cared about what his mom thought as though it was gospel. The two of them had a routine that included doing groceries on Saturday afternoons and then watching TV, and eating lunch together on Sundays. He drove her to social events even though she could drive and had her own car and they did a lot together. When I met him, I was happy that he didn’t have a lot of friends but I quickly realised the reason was because his BFF was his mom. In some ways it’s beautiful, but just not for me, so I left.” Nomfundo Nkosi, 29, Pietermari­tzburg

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