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Don’t skimp on giving your ride a bi-weekly wash and clean


Back to basics

It may seem obvious that a good oldfashion­ed wash is the first step in taking care of the outside of your car. But, if this is not your cup of tea, outsource the task to a reputable car valet to do it for you. And if you’re on a tight budget, then a bucket, water, sponge and car shampoo will do the trick. Don’t use household detergents, like dishwashin­g liquid, as this strips the car of prote;ctive wax.

Think of the wash as relaxing exercise for the weekend. Do it in the morning or late afternoon or under a shady spot, as direct sunlight can affect the effectiven­ess of the products you use. And be sure to use sponges or cloths that won’t be abrasive. Fill a bucket with water and use the recommende­d amount of cleaning solution. In preparatio­n for the wash, spray the car with water to remove excess debris. Soap the vehicle down, starting from the roof to the tyres. Wash and rinse the vehicle in small sections – from roof, bonnet, back, right side and left side, to prevent the soap from drying out. Scrub the tyres and rims last as they are the dirtiest and demand more attention. To dry, use soft microfibre drying towels or chamois cloths that soak up water faster.

Protect the surface

Once the car’s dry, apply a protectant to the rubber, vinyl and plastic parts that tend to lose colour, and crack through wear and tear. Apply in circular motions using a cloth, and once dry, remove with a different cloth. The last step is the waxing. Waxing protects the paint and the finish of your car by creating a barrier against UV rays, animal droppings and salt from the ocean. Apply the wax in sections, using circular motions. Allow to dry and remove in the same way. Apply a coat of tyre polish for sheen, and, voila!

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