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In The Kitchen – Neo Nontso

Self-taught cook and celebrity make-up artist, Neo Nontso, of the oh-so yummy Instagram handle @DineWithNe­o is known for transformi­ng popular dishes into gourmet treats!


How did you fall in love with

cooking? I woke up one day and decided to start recreating all the dishes I had eaten at restaurant­s, which led to me blogging in 2017. What's your favourite childhood food memory?

My family and I would always prepare Sunday lunch after church, then sit around the table and feast. It was always such a beautiful scene to watch. What food resolution do you keep getting wrong? Trying to stick to a clean, healthy diet. What South African food are you crazy about? A good old braai with all types of meat, especially boerewors. I’m a big meat lover! What's your go-to quick dinner?

Steak and green vegetables. What famous person would you love to cook for? Barack and Michelle Obama. I’d make a delectable home-cooked meal, sit down with them, and just soak in all their wisdom. What do you prefer making from scratch? Soup, because it always tastes so divine. A perfect summer lunch is never complete without…Prawns. Food motto that I swear by…“If it tastes good, you’re good!”

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