True Love

Make Me Over

The TL Glam Squad brought out Lerato Huma’s feminine side!


Age: 33

Occupation: Fashion designer and The LH Collection founder “I mainly wear oversized dresses and shirts, and a whole lot of black items. I needed a makeover because I have really boxed myself in where style is concerned. I definitely needed a fresh look for summer!” Lerato says.


“Lerato arrived wearing a wig. As soon as she took it off, I noticed that she had a healthy afro underneath. I could tell that it was well taken care of, so I was impressed. I decided to do the half-and-half hairstyle — a top knot in front and a bushy afro at the back. I first divided her hair into two parts, from ear to ear, then created the knot using a Marley braid fibre. I used an edge tamer to keep the hair in place. I then sewed a hairpiece into the second part of the hair to give it more volume,” says hairstylis­t Zola Ngejane.


“I wanted to keep the look simple and go easy with colour. My aim was to give Lerato a flawless look, so I used nude eyeshadow shades and a brown lip gloss, which worked perfectly,” says make-up artist Vuyo Varoy.

LERATO’S EXPERIENCE What’s your favourite make-up product?

I love the Clinque foundation because it offers full coverage and a beautiful glow.

What’s currently in your makeup bag?

I have an Essence eyeliner and brow pencil, M.A.C lipsticks, Essence bronzer and mascara, gloss and lip balm.

How did the makeover make you feel?

I really loved the make-up and hair. The whole transforma­tion and seeing myself in colourful clothing and heels reminded me of my feminine side, which I don’t tap into often. I really enjoyed bringing it out to play. It was an amazing experience overall!

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