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How to avoid burning your scalp


For a stress and burn-free relaxer experience, follow these tips.

Use a soft-toothed comb to brush your hair one week before relaxing it to prevent scratching your scalp and making it vulnerable to burns.

Ensure that the hairdresse­r bases your scalp, hairline and ears well.

Never wash your hair a week before relaxing it. If you have sores, avoid using chemicals until your scalp is completely healed. Use a relaxer suitable for your hair type. Relaxers are classified according to their strength – super, regular and mild.

Don’t leave the relaxer on for too long as this will burn your scalp. The cream should sit for only 30 minutes at the most. Apply it to only new growth, and not to previously relaxed hair. If your scalp itches, do not scratch as you may expose your scalp to direct relaxer.

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