True Love


These five strategies will help you conquer your fears of downgradin­g:


Spring clean your life. When last did you use that food steamer? Is the popcorn maker even out of the box? There are things we accumulate over years simply because we can – the latest fads in food prep, the on-trend fitness gadget, the jewellery for that one costume party. These are things that won’t only de-clutter your life and bring you cash, but also won’t make a noticeable dent in your downgraded lifestyle.

Avoid get-rich-quick and pyramid schemes. If your social media friend really thought you could become a millionair­e from selling alkaline water and miracle herbal juices, wouldn’t they be living it up instead of wearing out their shoes on recruitmen­t drives?

Start an emergency fund. Put aside a little something every month for emergencie­s. When a rainy day comes, make sure you have a nice umbrella fund to see you through.

Move. Divorce, death and kids growing up can have a huge impact on your physical space. If you find yourself suddenly rattling around the house like a coin in a jar, it would be wise to consider finding a smaller space.

DIY. Yes, you can! Read up and watch videos on growing your own vegetables and plants. You can also paint your own nails and turn that R3 500 Brazilian you bought as an “investment” into a wig. DIY is about reducing your spending.

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