True Love


Relationsh­ip expert, Makabelo Motaung, offers questions to ask yourself in deciding if bad sex is a deal-breaker.


What are your non-negotiable­s? Where do you rate sex on your list of priorities? If it features nowhere, then you’re most likely one of those people who wouldn’t mind being in a relationsh­ip where the nookie is not good.

How in touch are you with your sexuality? The more in touch you are with your wants and desires, the more mediocre sex will affect you. If it is high on the list of your priorities, then obviously a relationsh­ip that doesn’t cater for your sexual needs won’t work for you.

What is good sex? Do you consider having an orgasm good sex, or is it based on the connection you have with that person? Communicat­ion can solve a lot of things, including bad intercours­e. A lot of people settle for bad sex not because they can’t be taught, but because they are not communicat­ing their sexual needs.

How transparen­t are you? Openness is key. People need to invest in their physical relationsh­ips before things get to a level where they’re unhappy. Bad sex can be fixed, bad communicat­ion causes problems between couples.

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