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Faith Komane, says, “Smoking tobacco is both a physical and psychologi­cal addiction due to the addictive properties of nicotine. Therefore, making a decision to quit smoking is difficult due to the physical withdrawal symptoms, as well as the cravings. Here are some tips on how to break the habit: Have a reason for quitting. Once you decide to stop smoking, you need to have a reason for doing so. This will motivate you to see the process through.

Have a deadline. Set a stop date so that it becomes easier to work towards that goal to break the habit.

Have a plan. Are you planning on going cold turkey, or reduce the amount of intake until you finally stop? Formulatin­g a plan helps you to do research on medication­s and therapies that can help you quit. Understand your smoking habits and triggers. Do you smoke after meals, when drinking alcohol, or when stressed? Once you know your smoking triggers, then it helps you to know where you have to make lifestyle changes. Manage cravings. Substitute smoking with healthier alternativ­es — this could be eating a snack to keep yourself busy, and by rememberin­g why you decided to quit.

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