True Love



Wanting the ring and maintianin­g a healthy weight are not two conflictin­g desires. With a bit of focus and determinat­ion, you can have both.

Be accountabl­e. You share a large number of meals with your spouse. The two of you can agree that 80% of those meals will be healthy. That will curb weight gain for both of you.

Do more. Watching Netflix is not the only way to spend quality time as a couple. Go cycling, hiking or swimming and visit museums and galleries on weekends. Being active is not only good for your body, but is a great bonding exercise too.

Make yourself a priority. Yes, you’re busy and have many demands, but taking care of your health and weight is important for your wellbeing. You can’t always be last — unless you’re aiming for unhappines­s and resentment.

Be inspired. Get out of the house and be around other incredible women. Being inspired will make you want better for yourself.

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