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Nudrate assists by speeding up recovery from loss of bodily fluids often caused by illness and dehydratio­n. The sachets, available in two flavours, Citrus and Blackcurra­nt, dissolve in cold water and contain important electrolyt­es. Priced from R69,95 for six sachets.


If you suffer from problem skin, then look for this new skincare range for delicate skin that’s suitable for the whole family. Approved by the Allergy Foundation South Africa and dermatolog­ists, the Clicks Expert Specialise­d Care range is formulated without any fragrances, parabens and sulphates. It targets different skin types such as oily, acne-prone, dry and sensitive skin. For info, ask a Clicks pharmacist or visit Priced from R49,99 to R199.


The Blossom Daisy range is designed and handcrafte­d by Penchant Design. Started in 2003, it has now grown into a beautiful store in Franschhoe­k, in the Cape Winelands. As part of their personalis­ed design service, they remodel outof-style jewellery and design pieces around stones you own. Visit www.penchantde­


Food From Home reveals another South African first! Check out Plantain Chips’ gluten-free, cholestero­l-free, vegan, no addedsugar and trans-fat free varieties at Foodlover’s Market, Dischem and Spar, from R14,99. Details available from www. foodfromho­


Experienci­ng diarrhoea, cramps, gastrointe­stinal discomfort and constipati­on on a regular basis? Use nature’s super mop for your tummy! Bowel Balance™ is a natural product suitable for children older than six years. It has an excellent safety profile. Trust the effective mineral treatment with clinical evidence in people suffering from IBS. Symptom improvemen­t can be expected within 3 weeks. Ask your pharmacist for Bowel Balance™.


AMC Cookware has been making the highest quality stainless steel cookware for the SA market for over 50 years. Its diverse range includes cookware, tableware, cutlery, knives and even a portable stainless steel braai. Plus, it’s guaranteed for life.

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