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THE RICH pe­a­cock blue velvet of the now i­co­nic Memphis couch will ma­ke a bold im­pact in any room. Re­mi­nis­cent of an era w­hen sty­le was e­ver­y­thing, t­his is a sta­te­ment pie­ce that de­ser­ves its pla­ce at the cen­t­re of at­ten­ti­on. Ma­de with a full me­tal fra­me for ad­ded du­ra­bi­li­ty and fi­nis­hed in the sof­test velvet, the Memphis is a­vai­la­ble as a 1-seater, 3-seater and left or rig­ht-hand fa­cing cor­ner u­nit. We ha­ve al­so re­cent­ly ex­ten­ded our ran­ge to in­clu­de a g­rey velvet for a mo­re re­fi­ned look.

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