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Ex­qui­si­te pie­ces lo­vingly se­lected for their ti­me­less good looks, put­ty neu­trals and plush fa­bri­cs, cur­ves and tex­ti­les cho­sen for their fee­ling of o­pu­len­ce and so­phi­sti­ca­ted looks, this is the e­ver­las­ting ap­pe­al of Con­tem­po­ra­ry Clas­sic.


O­pu­lent me­tal­li­cs and mir­rors that e­vo­ke fee­lings of old gran­deur, thin me­tal fra­mes and so­fas with o­ver­stuf­fed cus­hi­ons add cha­rac­ter to an al­re­a­dy clas­sic spa­ce.

The ul­ti­ma­te in­dul­gen­ce to co­me ho­me to, the Liz 3-se­a­ter couch is ma­de from but­ter soft sil­ver vel­vet with plump, com­for­ting cus­hi­ons for plen­ty of tra­di­ti­o­nal sty­le with mo­dern com­fort.

Find your new fo­re­ver pie­ce in our na­tu­ral a­ga­te sto­ne si­de ta­ble, w­he­re the im­per­fecti­on and u­ni­que­ness of the sto­ne brings ad­ded va­lue.

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