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Playing sexy, rugged Clayton Danvers in Bitten (2014-current) isn’t Greyston Holt’s first brush with fantasy shows. It isn’t even his first time in a werewolf series – he was also in super-creepy and underrated Cedar Cove (2013-current). And luckily for fans of the genre, it looks like the 30-year-old Canadian is staying put for a while.

1 Holt isn’t his real surname – he’s of Hungarian descent and was born Greyston Holt Stefancsik.

2 Acting also wasn’t his first passion. He played guitar and music in high school in Calgary, Canada and even had his own heavy metal band. Greyston admits that he only took acting classes “for extra credit on my report card”.

3 He doesn’t like watching edited episodes of Bitten before they air. Instead, Greyston live tweets while the episode is on TV and interacts with fans through his account @greystonh.

4 When werewolves transform on shows, they return to human form – naked. And that’s something Greyston took to heart while preparing for his audition. “When I found out I was coming to test for the role, it was down to me and two other guys. I pulled out all the stops. I went running through the mountains. I left the trail and left my clothes in my bag and just ran around naked for about an hour and howled and yelled and screamed,” he laughs.

5 It seems that sci-fi is also his thing when it comes to picking roles – he’s had minor roles on Smallville (20012011) in 2007, The 4400 (2004-2007) in 2007, Flash Gordon (2007-2008) in 2007, Sanctuary (2007-2011) in 2011, Fringe (2008-2013) in 2011, Stargate Universe (2009-2011) in 2011, Supernatur­al (2005curren­t) in 2014 and Once Upon A Time (2011-current) in 2012. Phew!

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