Keep­ing it un­der wraps

Candice puts her ro­mance with Katlego in jeop­ardy when she agrees to se­cretly go into busi­ness with Le­hasa.

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There’s no doubt­ing Candice’s (Liza van Ven­ter) love for her busi­ness part­ner boyfriend Katlego (Pa­trick Seleka). Their re­la­tion­ship has sur­vived end­less hic­cups, in­clud­ing back-and­forth ar­gu­ments about run­ning their restau­rant Capsy’s. “They promised each other that they’d stick to­gether no mat­ter what,” says Liza. But when their in­vestor and cor­rupt busi­ness­man Le­hasa (Cedric Fourie) pro­poses an idea to Candice on Tues­day 15 Jan­uary and de­mands a meet­ing on Tues­day 22 Jan­uary, she’s forced to lie to Kat. “Capsy’s brings in a lot of in­come and Le­hasa wants to make changes to their signed con­tract,” ex­plains Liza. The agree­ment was that when Kat and Candice make a cer­tain amount of money, they’d buy out Le­hasa and the restau­rant would be in their name. But there’s a snag…

“Le­hasa has been ly­ing to them all along. He has never had plans to sell them Capsy’s; he just wanted to make money off them,” ex­plains the ac­tress. “And what’s worse is that Candice and Katlego signed pa­per­work drawn up by Le­hasa – they didn’t read a lit­tle clause stat­ing that Le­hasa will al­ways own the restau­rant.” When Le­hasa points this out, Candice re­alises that she has no op­tion but to go along with his plan, hop­ing that she’ll be able to change his mind and get 50% of the busi­ness in­stead of los­ing it all. But rather than solve her prob­lems, Candice is dig­ging her­self into a far worse mess.


“Candice knows that meet­ing Le­hasa with­out Kat [on 22 Jan­uary] is wrong, but she has to do it,” ex­plains Liza. The restau­rant means ev­ery­thing to her and Candice can’t ac­cept los­ing her dreams of be­ing a restau­rant owner be­cause of some­one de­vi­ous like Le­hasa. “She and Kat are two of the youngest restau­rant own­ers in Polok­wane. If she can keep Capsy’s, she can branch out with a chain of restau­rants across the coun­try and in­ter­na­tion­ally too,” adds Liza. But Candice feels guilty on Wed­nes­day 16 Jan­uary and it’s caus­ing fric­tion with Kat. “How can she look him in the eye af­ter what she’s about to do to him? Candice is go­ing against the man she loves, the man who’s been with her through thick and thin for her ca­reer goals. It’s killing her in­side,” says Liza.


While Candice’s heart is be­ing weighed down, her head is in over­drive. Run­ning a restau­rant isn’t child’s play “and she of­ten has to take the lead with the busi­ness side when Kat cracks un­der pres­sure. Candice knows that Le­hasa is strong-willed and power-hun­gry. He would be a bet­ter busi­ness part­ner…” sug­gests Liza. “Le­hasa would be a great men­tor for her. He has the ex­pe­ri­ence and he doesn’t let any­thing get in his way when he’s af­ter some­thing. That’s what she wants to be: a pow­er­house in their in­dus­try.”


Kat may have his hands full run­ning the kitchen at Capsy’s but he knows his girl­friend well and ques­tions Candice about her jumpy be­hav­iour on Mon­day 21 Jan­uary, forc­ing her to come clean about her meet­ing plan. “Candice tells him about the phonecall. She reveals al­most ev­ery­thing about Le­hasa’s deal but prom­ises that she is go­ing to drop Le­hasa and not go to the meet­ing,” says Liza. Kat is fu­ri­ous, telling Candice that he wants noth­ing to do with Le­hasa and that they need to get out of their ini­tial agree­ment with him. But while Kat trusts his girl­friend that she won’t meet their part­ner, Candice be­trays him and goes to Le­hasa on Tues­day 22 Jan­uary. “She’s be­ing fool­ish,” warns Liza, “be­cause while she thinks that Kat won’t find out, some­one spots her and Le­hasa at a ta­ble and word trav­els fast in Tur­floop…”

Candice’s plan comes crash­ing down the very next day on Wed­nes­day 23 Jan­uary – Kat wants to break up with her and is think­ing about tak­ing the busi­ness for him­self.

Candice strug­gles to hide her guilty feel­ings from Katlego.

Sly Le­hasa has plans to rob his busi­ness part­ners blind.

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