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Turning a new page

Dimpho refuses to let her mistakes determine her future after having an abortion.


Varsity student Dimpho Mokoena (Matshepo Sekgopi) is no longer hanging her head in shame following her recent abortion. “She is much stronger now,” says Matshepo. Initially, Dimpho considered keeping the baby but she was discourage­d from raising it as a single mom after telling her boyfriend Tshepo (TJ Mokhuane) that she was pregnant in October and he gave her the cold shoulder. “He put all the blame on her. Tshepo told her that he wasn’t emotionall­y and financiall­y prepared to be a father, so he dumped her on the spot,” explains Matshepo. Dimpho thought about carrying the baby to term and giving it to her barren aunt Kedibone (Tsholo Matshaba) but her brother Cobra (Presley Chweneyaga­e) insisted that she terminate the pregnancy as the baby would be a reminder that she chose her career aspiration­s over raising her own child. “Cobra didn’t want Dimpho living in regret. He’d like her to further her studies and travel the world like she’s always dreamt. And that’s exactly what she is planning to do,” adds the 23-year- old actress.

What was Dimpho’s reaction when she first learnt that she was going to be a mother? Her mind was all over the place! She naively thought that she wouldn’t fall pregnant because she was a virgin. They didn’t use protection, so she really felt stupid for not taking precaution­s. All she could think was ‘how is this happening to me?’ when she only had sex one time.

And what was her state of mind when Tshepo walked out on her? Shattered. Tshepo had always told Dimpho that he loved her and for him to abandon her when she needed him the most was a bitter pill to swallow.

Describe her emotions after she went through with the abortion [offscreen]. Dimpho was overwhelme­d and it really didn’t help that her sister Itumeleng (Larona Moagi) criticised her decision. Having an abortion is a traumatic experience and Dimpho is just grateful that her brother and aunt remained constantly supportive. They pulled her through the mental breakdown she was heading towards.

Any lessons for viewers from Dimpho’s abortion storyline? Too many! Abortion is still taboo in our society but sometimes, it’s the best option for a woman. Be it poverty or fear of raising the baby alone, we should move away from the stigma and refrain from judging young women who terminate their pregnancie­s. They don’t have to be ashamed of their life choices.

 ??  ?? Dimpho never expected her boyfriend Tshepo to dump her after getting her pregnant.
Dimpho never expected her boyfriend Tshepo to dump her after getting her pregnant.
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