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Amberfield Contract Bridge Club The results for the games at Amberfield Contract Bridge Club on Tuesday, July 26 are: 1, Leslie Appelby and Clive Bromilow; 2, Mike O’Connor and Moira Ford; 3, Trish Watts and Marlene Thonson and Pam Potter and A van Coller (tied). Amber Valley Bridge Club The results of the games at the the Amber Valley Bridge Club on Wednesday, July 27 are: Green section - 1, Carol Birch and Gayle Bastard; 2, Geoff Richardson and Mary Webb and Diana Loughor-Clarke and Paddy Barker (tied).

Red section - 1, Rina Tainton and Laraine Smith; 2, Anne Coggan and Helene Chisholm; 3, Beryl Telfer and June Lait.

Amberglen Duplicate Bridge Club

The results for the Mitchell movement games played at Amberglen Duplicate Bridge Clubon Thursday, July 28 are:

North/South – 1, Sandy Shires and Paddy Lambert; 2, Milvia Verolini and Lesley Clinton; 3, Glenda Pierides and Georgie Buchanan.

East/West – 1, Lesley Appleby and Clive Bromilow; 2, Sue Soutar and Judy Veenstra; 3, Jen McCarthur and Denise Watling.

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