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Good lighting is crucial for home security, as you want to be able to see what is going on outside at all times and eliminate any dark corners where criminals could hide.

Here are some top tips on which lights you want to install where to make sure you are lit up.

Spot movement

When opting for lights with a built-in motion sensor, you want to check the Ingress Protection (IP) setting, as this will tell you how well it will withstand the rain.

These lights usually have three different settings (light, lux and time) to suit the environmen­t. If you prefer a softer motion sensor light, choose CFL globes.

They have a built-in motion sensor and can be installed the way one would install an indoor globe

Bright and energy-efficient

LED lights are a great outdoor option, as they use very little power and create a fair amount of light, meaning you can leave them on overnight without receiving a hefty electricit­y bill.

Off the grid

With loadsheddi­ng coming and going, you don’t want to get caught in complete darkness.

The Magneto Solar Home Lighting System charges both via solar energy and by AC cable. Once charged it has three light settings, charges mobile phones and can keep an area illuminate­d for 18 hours on one charge.

Alternativ­ely, choose the Eurolux Emergency Bulb Solar Light, an outdoor light bulb that stores solar energy in case of an emergency like loadsheddi­ng. - Caxton

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